Texas Lone Star Auto Auction has 30-plus years of experience assisting Franchise Dealerships with the sale and disposal of wholesale vehicles to other licensed dealers at auction. TLSAA offers you two choices in liquidating your wholesale inventory:

Conventional Auction

This auction is held weekly at TLSAA’s new, convenient location in Austin, TX. Our conventional auction generates highly competitive bidding by a multitude of registered buyers. This provides you a simple, fast and inexpensive method to liquidate your vehicles.

On-Site Private Events

Private auctions are held on-site at your dealership. Each vehicle is driven either underneath the tent in front of a self-contained mobile operations unit. In some cases we can even transform a building at your dealership into an auction arena. These dealer only auctions are conducted live by an auctioneer and are designed to sell 40-200 vehicles. Operated much like a conventional auto auction, these private auctions are easily adapted to the specific needs of your dealership.