The following dealer services are available at Texas Lone Star Auto Auction Austin. For more information, contact us at (214) 483-3597.

28 Day Float

At Texas Lone Star Auto Auction Austin we provide our dealers with an advantage of having more buying power. Through our FLOAT Program, every dealer can buy more vehicles and in turn provide their customers with a larger inventory.

Multi-List Online Selling

We can post your inventory to all of the major online wholesale platforms. Our team will monitor the progress of your units and get back to you when we have an offer or sell one of your vehicles. This is a hands off process for you as we will do all the work. We answer all offers or bids on your behalf and sold units are automatically removed to prevent double sales.

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How does this help you?

• Saves you time – No more endless hours listing units one by one

• Reduces your employee cost – Think of us as an unpaid employee (You only pay when you sell a unit)

• Saves you transportation cost – We can list the vehicles for wholesale while they are still on your lot for retail